Wooden Pallet Making Machine

Pallet manufacturing equipment – Pallet assembly machines

SF606 (cut-off saw)

– Siemens PLC touch screen, can pre-set, edit and save cutting plans.

– A working table is tilted to keep the workpiece is close to the working table to ensure high cutting accuracy.

– Start & stop working button can be remote control or wire control, which’s more convenient for the operator.

– It contains a cutting program, various cutting dimensions freely combined and can cut 8 kinds of dimensions on one piece of wood.

SF701 (wood pallet notching machine)

– Single head / Double head for the option.

– International well-known brands electrical components and pneumatic components, like Schneider and Airtac.

– Index-able cutter. When it is broken, you just need to change the cutter head, it’s more cost-effective than replacing the saw blade.

– Safety for the operator, worker’s hands won’t access to cutting position.

– Powerful motor to assure the wood notching is smooth.

SF901 (automatic stringer wood pallet nailing machine)

– The machine is fully automatic, and pneumatic nailing gun nail pallet.

– Need 2 workers, one worker feeding pallet face board, another one feeding bottom board, can make 1200 pcs/shift.

– It only makes the stringer pallets, also we have EUR pallet automatic nailer.

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