How Does The Wooden Tray Go Shockproof?

Wooden pallets are generally made of wood, metal, fiberboard, easy to load and unload, handling unit materials and small quantities of materials. The types of pallets are mainly wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood is now the most widely used, because its price is cheap, strong.

How does the wooden tray go shockproof?

1, understand the wood tray shockproof design to achieve the purpose of the requirements, to obtain the original data of the design. such as the characteristics of the packaging, dimensions, weight, rotation, center of gravity position and the main technical performance data, analysis and determination of the nature of environmental vibration, vibration frequency and relative to the direction of the vibration of the packaging.

2, according to the vibration situation, choose to prevent the form of vibration support, usually, there are support and suspension type. If the damping of the shockproof device is too small to limit the amplitude expansion at the time of resonance, an attempt should be made to increase the damping.

3, Shockproof wood tray should consider their own load, not because of the addition of shock-proof device to affect the carrying capacity.

4, the layout of the Shockproof device should be symmetrical, in order to avoid the production of coupling vibration. It is impossible to avoid the coupling completely, at least the vibration in the main vibration direction should be independent, so as to facilitate the control of vibration in this direction.

5, estimate the amplitude of the shockproof device, such as the amplitude is too large, you should change the packaging design until the requirements are met.

6, Other tips

Wooden tray should be as lightly as possible to prevent uneven force when landing, attack damage. However, in the application of practice, it is not practical to use it lightly. This demand for the wood tray itself has a high demand for impact resistance. Added resistance to wood tray materials.

Wooden pallets should try to prevent sun exposure, avoid leading to aging, shorten the use of life. However, with the continuous innovation of wood tray materials, the new copolymer polypropylene wood tray is gradually applicable to a variety of outdoor environment applications. Long time outdoor use is also not easy to aging, deformation.

Wooden pallets in the use of cooperative shelves at the time, should pay attention to the tray of additional shelf load, prohibit overload use. Especially in the cooperative through three-dimensional shelf use, the pallet span demand is higher. If necessary, the requirements are based on the use of the case, at the bottom of the tray to add steel pipe, to add tray shelf load.

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