How to Choose the Right Plastic Tray/ Pallet

Plastic tray is the production of various industries, warehousing and other links of the most basic assembly units, with the rising demand for domestic plastic pallets and the widespread use of various industries, plastic pallet product quality more and more attention by buyers.

Plastic Pallet Purchasing Precautions

Choose a single-sided plastic tray or a double-sided plastic tray?

It should be considered according to the forklift you use, if you use a manual hydraulic forklift or manual hydraulic forklift and mechanical forklift mixing, then you do not need to consider the double-sided tray, because the manual hydraulic forklift can not be used with double-sided plastic tray. If your use environment is all mechanical and electric forklifts, then single-sided and double-sided pallets can be selected.

The purchase of plastic pallets cannot be blindly higher than the price and product weight.

Because plastic pallets are generally blue color, which greatly facilitates the use of recycled plastics by many plastic pallet manufacturers, on the one hand, disrupting the market order, on the other hand, users have suffered losses. Also use some users to compare the weight of the product, to the weight of the product as the standard to measure the price of plastic pallet products, in fact, this practice has long been perceived by sensitive production enterprises, they are taking advantage of this psychology of consumers, to add a part of calcium carbonate and other heavy substances to the product, Not only does it reduce the cost of their production, but it also greatly increases the weight of the product itself, but consumers are kept in the dark.

Plastic pallet procurement should be "only high not low"

For example, when the actual use of the load is 0.8 tons of dynamic load, then the purchase of at least 1 tons of plastic pallets, because to take into account the aging of the tray and the savage operation of the workers. This effectively improves the service life of the tray while also saving costs.

The purchase of plastic pallets cannot be blindly higher than the price and product weight.

Now the plastic pallet factory more and more, now a lot of plastic pallet enterprises are in fish in, inferior, buyers in the purchase should choose the older plastic pallet production enterprises, first of all they they after years of development technology and experience will be rich, product quality letter over, In addition, once there is a quality problem after the sale is also very in place.

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