How to Use Aluminum Alloy Tray/Pallet

The use of aluminum alloy pallets should be such that the package combination code is placed on the pallet with appropriate strapping and wrapping to facilitate mechanical loading to meet loading, unloading, transport and storage requirements.

Fixed mode of loading cargo with aluminum alloy tray

Pallet bearing cargo fixed way has strapping, gluing binding, stretching packaging, they can be used with each other.

Protection and reinforcement of aluminum alloy pallet bearing Cargo

Aluminum alloy tray Bearing goods after fixing, still can not meet the transport requirements should be selected according to the need to choose protective reinforcement parts. Aluminum alloy tray Reinforcement Protective parts are generally also made of metal material.

Load of aluminum alloy tray

The load of each aluminum alloy tray should be less than or equal to 2 tons. For safety in transit, the height of the cargo contained in the goods should not exceed two-thirds of the tray width.

The way in which pallet cargo is placed

According to the type of goods, the quality of the goods carried by the aluminum tray and the size of the aluminum tray, reasonable determination of the cargo in the aluminum tray on the way of the placement, aluminum tray of the bearing surface area utilization rate is generally not less than 80%.
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