Pallet Fumigation

Untreated wood may contain insects and eggs, the higher risk of incoming pests, will break the ecological balance of the importing country, leading to biological invasion, may cause serious harm to agriculture and forest resources.

USDA has issued guidelines to reduce the risk of incoming pests from wood packaging. Because wood packaging is often reused, the real source is difficult to determine, so its handling status is difficult to determine.

Fumigation Tray Treatment Method

There are now two main treatment methods: Heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide.

Heat treatment

When wood packaging is treated, the center temperature of the wood should reach 56 degrees Celsius and remain for at least 30 minutes.

Fumigation with methyl bromide

For fumigation, wood packaging must be fumigated in a confined place, at a specified dose of methyl bromide for at least 16 hours, and then placed in a ventilated place so that the concentration of its fumigant drops below the safe concentration.

Use: methyl bromide, ethylene oxide

1, To fumigation wooden box cargo stacking code neatly, with tarpaulin cover, four sides compaction, so that it is sealed, but to set aside a corner to do the dosing mouth.

2, Under the tarpaulin, put a basin of water next to the goods, put the medicine into the water.

3, The reserved dosing mouth compaction, so that the need for fumigation wooden box cargo in a fully sealed state to maintain 24 hours.

4, open the tarpaulin ventilation, waiting for the gas to disperse can move the goods, about 18-24 hours.

5. Issue a certificate of fumigation-free wooden box (disinfection).


After any of the above treatments, it is best to mark a clear and permanent marker on both sides of each item in the visual position of each item in the wood packaging.

Fumigation tray products generally meet the entry and environmental requirements of countries around the world, without any formalities can be directly in the importing country customs clearance.

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