The Styles of Pallets

Flat pallet

Flat pallets are almost synonymous with pallets. As long as they talk about pallets, they generally refer to flat pallets.Because flat pallets are the most widely used, they have the largest number of uses and the best versatility.

Flat pallets can be subdivided into three types:

  • Sort by table. There are four kinds of single-sided type, single-sided use type, double-sided use type and airfoil type;
  • Classified according to the forklift fork. There are three types: one-way fork type, two-way fork type, and four-way fork type.
  • According to the material classification.
    • Wooden flat pallet, steel flat pallet,
    • plastic flat pallet,
    • composite flat pallet
    • and paper pallet, such as five kinds.

Tips: According to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee, 2011 to a number of domestic pallet production enterprises, pallet use and sales enterprises to conduct a preliminary survey results, the total number of various types of pallets currently owned by China is about 16000~20000 million pieces, the annual output is increasing by about 20 million tablets. Among them, wooden flat pallets accounted for about 85%, plastic flat pallets accounted for 12%, steel pallets, composite pallets and paper pallets accounted for 3%. Composites flat pallets and plastic pallets rise in a larger proportion.

Column pallet

Column pallets are divided into fixed and removable. The basic structure is that the four corners of the pallet have steel columns, and the upper ends of the columns can be connected by beams to form a frame type.

Main functions of the column pallet:

  • Use the column to support the weight and stack it high
  • Prevent the collapse of goods placed on pallets during transport and loading and unloading.

Box pallet

The box pallet is a pallet with side panels on all four sides, some have a top plate on the box, and some have no top plate.

The box board has three types: fixed type, foldable type and detachable type.

The box pallet has strong protection ability to prevent collapse and cargo damage; it can be loaded with goods that cannot be stabilized by stacking, and has a wide application range.

Wheeled pallet

Wheeled pallets have smaller lower wheels than column pallets and box pallets. Therefore, the wheeled pallet exhibits advantages such as short-distance movement, self-handling or roll-on type loading and unloading, and has wide application and strong applicability.

Special pallet

Due to the high efficiency, safety and stability of the pallet operation, especially in some occasions requiring fast operation, the importance of using the pallet is highlighted, so various countries have developed a variety of special pallets.

  • Flat glass container pallet. Also known as flat glass pallets, there are many types. There are L-type single-sided flat glass single-sided fork type, A-type double-sided flat plate glass bi-directional fork type, as well as fork combination and frame type. During the transportation process, the pallets are supported and fixed, and the flat glass is generally placed on the pallet, and the glass is also followed by the forward direction of the vehicle to keep the pallet and the glass stable.
  • Special pallet for tires. The tire is characterized by water resistance and corrosion resistance, but it is afraid of squeezing and fear of pressure. The special pallet for tires solves this contradiction better. The special pallet for tires can be stacked in multiple layers without squeezing or pressing, which greatly improves the handling and storage efficiency.
  • Long size pallet. This is a pallet designed to store long-sized items, some in a multi-layer structure. After the items are stacked, a long-sized shelf is formed.
  • Special pallet for oil drums. It is a special-shaped flat pallet for storing and shipping standard oil drums. There are wave grooves or side plates on both sides to stabilize the oil drum and prevent it from rolling off. The advantage is that it can be stacked in multiple layers to improve storage and transportation capacity.

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Slip sheet

A flat panel with wings on one or more sides. A base plate for the transport or storage or transport of goods or products in the form of unit loads.

Main parameters: length, width, height, length, width error, diagonal error, rated load, maximum stacking layer, deflection, surface slip coefficient.


  • one-tab slip sheet;
  • two-tab slip sheet-opposite;
  • two-tab slip sheet-adjacent;
  • three-tab slip sheet;
  • four-tab slip sheet.

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