What is the Plastic pallet?

Plastic pallet

Plastic pallets made of polyethylene HDPE and polypropylene PP Plastic raw materials.

It is environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, light and durable, widely used in warehousing, logistics, supermarkets, cargo handling and other industries.

Types and uses

  • Export plastic pallets,
  • intermodal plastic pallets,
  • moisture-proof plastic pads,
  • moisture-proof plastic trays,
  • forklift plastic trays,
  • shelf plastic trays,
  • logistics plastic pallets,
  • food plastic pallets,
  • beer plastic trays,
  • beverage plastic pallets,
  • chemical plastic pallets,
  • tobacco plastic trays,
  • mechanical plastic pallets,
  • electronic plastic pallets,
  • salt plastic pallets,
  • Stacking plastic pallets,
  • intermodal standard plastic pallets,
  • port plastic pallets,
  • container plastic pallets and so on.


  • Single-sided plastic pallet can only be used one side;
  • Double-sided plastic pallet refers to the same front and reverse structure of the pallet.
  • Dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that the pallet can carry in motion (less than 1.5% of the curvature is normal) when using a motorized forklift or a manual hydraulic pallet to carry a car.
  • Static load refers to the maximum weight that can be sustained by the bottom plastic tray in the heap code.
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