What is the Special Pallet?

Special Pallet

Special custom pallets are pallets specially designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of the product.

  • Due to the high efficiency of pallet operation, safety and stability, especially in some cases requiring a rapid operation, highlight the importance of using pallets.
  • The difference between a special pallet and a general-purpose pallet is that it has a support structure suitable for a particular cargo (or workpiece).

Because of the simple and low cost of pallet making, some large quantities of goods transported can be produced with high loading efficiency, convenient shipment, suitable for the special requirements of such items dedicated pallets.


Air Pallet

Air cargo or baggage consignment pallets, generally made of aluminum alloy, in order to adapt to a variety of aircraft cargo compartments and hatch restrictions, are generally made into flat pallets, pallets on the items loaded with the network overlay fixed.

Flat Glass Assembly Pallet

This pallet can support and secure the flat glass, and at the time of shipment, the flat glass is placed along the transport direction to maintain the stability of the pallet load. Flat Glass assembly pallet has several kinds, the use of more is L-type single-sided flat glass single-sided into the fork pallet, type a double-sided mounting flat glass, bidirectional fork pallet, hanging fork binding pallet and frame type bidirectional fork-type pallet.

Oil Bucket Dedicated Pallet

Special shipping Standard Oil bucket-shaped flat pallet, pallet for double-sided type, two faces have a solid oil bucket waveform surface or side bezel, oil bucket lying on top of the pallet, due to the role of waveform groove or bezel, there will be no rolling displacement, but also a few cascading, to solve the bucket difficult to pile high placement difficulties, but also convenient storage.

Shelf Type Pallet

Its structural characteristics are a frame-shaped pallet, frame front size piping pallet slightly wider, to ensure that the pallet can be placed inside the frame, the depth of the frame than the pallet width is narrower, to ensure that the pallet can be placed on the shelf. The lower part of the shelf has four feet, forming a forklift into the fork of the space: this kind of rack pallet stacked high combination, it has become a pallet shelf, can be pallet cargo delivery within the place. This kind of rack pallet is also a kind of pallet shelf, is the shelf and pallet of the oneness.

Long Size Pallet

A tray dedicated to the placement of long-sized materials, which stack high-size shelves and form assembled long-sized shelves.

Special pallet for tires

The tire itself has a certain degree of water resistance, and corrosion resistance, so the logistics process does not need to be closed, and it itself is very light, installed in the container can not give full play to the load capacity of the box. The main problem is the storage and transportation of fear pressure, and extrusion, the use of this pallet is a good choice.

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