What is the Wooden Pallet? (including block pallets and stringer pallets)

Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallet, is a natural wood as raw materials made of pallets. It is now the most widely used pallet. Pallets are horizontal platform devices for loading, stacking, handling and transporting goods and products placed as unit loads. Generally made of wood, metal, fiberboard, easy to load and unload, handling unit materials and small quantities of materials.

The types of pallets are mainly wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood is now the most widely used, because its price is cheap, strong.

Wooden Pallet Material

Poplar: It is a broad-leaved tree with loose and soft materials and poor durability. It is suitable for making pallets with low load-bearing requirements. The price is lower.

Pine: Coniferous tree species, many kinds, wide applicability. Larch (Huanghua pine) texture thick solid, wood hard, affordable, is one of the common materials for the manufacture of pallets.

White pine and red pine texture meticulous, white color, beautiful appearance, mostly used in the manufacture of fine packaging, higher prices.

Hard miscellaneous Wood: Genus Broad-leaved species, wood hardness is large. Sawn timber for pallet making is common in elm, birch, acacia, willow and so on. Its texture is dense, the wood is hard and heavy, and the load-bearing quality is good. But there are few large materials, the price is moderate.

Types of Wooden Pallets

Block Pallets

Block pallet, also called European Standard Pallet.


1200mm*800mm, applicable to continental Europe, Germany, France.

1200mm*1000mm, suitable for the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland.

Stringer Pallets


1200mm*1000mm, suitable for American Standard wood pallet.


High flexural strength, good rigidity, large bearing capacity, low cost, easy maintenance, low temperature resistance.


Poor impact resistance, in frequent turnover use easy to damage, short service life, easy to damp, not easy to clean.

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